Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy

History and Mission

Originally, the Center for Spirituality and Psychotherapy (CSP) was formed in 1997 in response to the rapidly growing interest in the relationship between spirituality and psychotherapy, and held its first conference in 1998. It was the first center of this kind within a major psychotherapy and psychoanalytic training institute, the National Institute for the Psychotherapies.

After three annual conferences on spirituality and psychotherapy, which drew several hundred participants each time, it gave birth to the international membership organization, the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy (ASP) in 2001. Both ASP and CSP (now the Institute for Psychotherapy, Science and Spirituality (IPSS) are committed to the study of how psychotherapy can foster the emergence of the spiritual dimension in our lives, and how spiritual practice may enhance our personal lives and the psycho-therapeutic experience. Drawing from all religious and spiritual traditions, psychological perspectives and scientific theory and research, we emphasize how the individual can awaken to the spiritual traditions and practices. To that end the Association offers:

1. Conferences on various themes related to spirituality and psychotherapy (for professionals and the public and co-sponsored by IPSS)
2. Continuing education workshops and courses on spirituality and psychotherapy (for professionals and the public)
3. Networking Meetings Monthly in New York City
4. Semi-annual “Day of Conversation”
5. Semi-annual Newsletter

The Institute for Spirituality, Science, and Psychotherapy (former the Center for Spirituality and Psychotherapy) has offered training programs for many years for health, mental health, and religious professionals and is currently reworking its training concept for the 21st century.

The Association is a voluntary organization that grows and is sustained by the freely donated time and efforts of its members and its Board of Directors. If you would like to participate in ASP’s future, please contact cspofnip@optonline.net.