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Using Mental Imagery to Heal or Expand

Gerald Epstein, MD, founder and director of The American Institute For Mental Imagery, is the foremost practitioner of integrative healthcare for healing and self transformation. He holds the position of Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and has been a Lecturer at Columbia University’s School of Physicians and Surgeons. In addition to teaching and writing, and his private practice in NYC, Dr. Epstein conducts research into the efficacy of mental imagery.

Trained as a Freudian analyst, he abandoned this direction in 1974 to study the therapeutic uses of the imagination under Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat, of Jerusalem. Since then, he has been a pioneer in the use of Mental Imagery for treating physical and emotional problems. As his work evolved over the years, he has become a leading exponent of the Western spiritual tradition and its application to healing and therapeutics.

As a result of his clinical experiences, Dr. Epstein wrote Waking Dream Therapy in 1981. In 1989, he authored Healing Visualizations still the classic book on the therapeutic use of mental imagery. Inspired by the Western spiritual tradition, Dr. Epstein wrote Healing Into Immortality (1994), a clear account of the reasons and remedies for illness. Finally, Dr. Epstein has recorded many audio sets including the Phoenix Process and the Natural Laws of Self Healing.

Elizabeth Ann Manhart Barrett, RN, PhD, FAAN