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In her incredible 40 plus year career, Aleta St. James has been the role model for regeneration, defying limitation, and living your dreams at any age. She has been described as the Indiana Jones of the soul, traveling the globe in her own spiritual quest, sharing her renowned healing gifts with thousands of people throughout the world in seminars, workshops and private sessions. Perhaps most famously, Aleta made worldwide news in 2004 when she became the oldest woman in America at the time to give birth to twins, at age 57. She blew the lid off of society’s perception of aging.

Aleta has also gained fame as an internationally renowned energy healer, intuitive life coach and successful author of the top-selling book, Life Shift: Let Go and Live Your Dream. Aleta’s empowering private sessions, healing meditations, and online courses facilitates the release of energy blocks and raises a person’s vibration so that they are able to align with their life’s dreams.

Integrity Intelligence

An international speaker, trainer and consultant, he has provided programs for companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, religious institutions and healthcare organizations, and has mentored helping professionals, politicians, business and community leaders, and World Trade Organization ambassadors.

Buddhist Meditation Practices

Sharon Salzberg first encountered Buddhism in a course on Asian philosophy at the State University of New York. In 1970, her interest in the subject took her to India. She attended her first Buddhist meditation retreat in Bodh Gaya, the site of the Buddha’s enlightenment. For the next three and one-half years, Salzberg studied with teachers from India, Burma, and Tibet. She returned to America and began giving reteats. In 1976, Salzberg established with Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield the Insight Meditation Society, which now ranks as one of the most prominent and active meditation centers in the Western world. Salzberg and Goldstein expanded their vision in 1989 by co-founding the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies (BCBS). In 1998, they initiated the Forest Refuge, a long-term retreat center secluded in a wooded area on IMS property. She now divides her time between homes in New York City and Barre, Massachusetts.

Transcending the Ego

Australians, Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira are the authors of best-seller ‘Take Me to Truth, Undoing the Ego’. Initiated by A Course in Miracles (ACIM), their twenty year Spiritual Awakening journey together, led to the almost total deconstruction of their lives and belief systems before emerging from the process together. Their uniquely dynamic family experience of learning the Course, as a couple, and then with their daughter, is quite unprecedented. No amount of theory can hold a candle to experience. Amidst much lightness and laughter, these authors share a profound dedication to learning and living the Course, without one iota of compromise to its principles.

Nouk and Tomas joined in a divine commitment in 1984. The call they heard beckoned them to discover the indestructible nature of love. Driven by this deep desire to discover the nature of True Love, their journey saw them relinquish the dysfunctional’form’ of their relationship, being (special-conditional) marriage, in order to restore the ‘content’, being unconditional love. Theyfound that beneath layers of ego fear and past conditioningwas a LOVE that could never be threatened; not be anyone or anything…not even death.
The precious insights gained from their life-transforming experiences are shared in their best-selling book, “ Take Me to Truth,” their profound 4-day workshop on 8-DVD’s titled “Undoing the Ego II”, and their 6-CD set “The Miracle of Trust”. The result of their experience offersprofoundly practical teachings that clearly define the blocks and stages involved in Spiritual Awakening.

On Meditation, Self Healing and Energy Psychology

Patricia Carrington, Ph.D. is a leading psychologist and expert on stress management. She is a Clinical Professor at UMDNJ-Robert Johnson Medical School and a former member of the Princeton University Psychology Faculty. She has been the recipient of the National Mental Health Association Award for the Most Outstanding Preventive Health Program of the Year.

On Remote Viewing

Stephan A. Schwartz is the Senior Samueli Fellow for Brain, Mind and Healing of the Samueli Institute, and a Research Associate of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research. He is the columnist for the journal Explore, and editor of the daily web publication in both of which covers trends that are affecting the future. He also writes regularly for The Huffington Post. Previously he was the founder and Research Director of the Mobius laboratory, and Director of Research of the Rhine Research Center, Senior Fellow of The Philosophical Research Society, Special Assistant for Research and Analaysis to the Chief of Naval Operations, and an editorial staff member of National Geographic. For 40 years he has been studying the nature of consciousness, particularly that aspect independent of space and time. Schwartz is part of the small group that founded modern Remote Viewing research, and is the principal researcher studying the use of Remote Viewing in archaeology. Using Remote Viewing he discovered Cleopatra’s Palace, Marc Antony’s Timonium, ruins of the Lighthouse of Pharos, and sunken ships along the California coast, and in the Bahamas. He also uses remote viewing to examine the future. Since 1978, he has been getting people to remote view the year 2050, and out of that has come a complex trend analysis. His submarine experiment, Deep Quest, using Remote Viewing helped determine that nonlocal perception is not an electromagnetic phenomenon. Other areas of experimental study include research into creativity, meditation, and Therapeutic Intent/Healing. He is the author of 50 technical papers and reports. In addition to his experimental studies he has written numerous magazine articles for Smithsonian, OMNI, American History, American Heritage, The Washington Post, The New York Times, as well as other magazines and newspapers. He has produced and written a number of television documentaries, and has written four books: The Secret Vaults of Time, The Alexandria Project, Mind Rover and his latest, Opening to the Infinite.

Tom is pioneering the new field of Human Software Engineering. He created the “Core Dynamics of Common Problems” material which is used extensively as part of the WaveMaker Coach Mentoring Program. He is an extraordinary and entertaining teacher and presenter of the 12 Core Dynamics and Human Software Engineering Seminar Series. He has an unusual gift of making complex things simple and easy to understand.

Tom Stone is an expert in the application of biophysics and changing patterns of energy in the human body. He has studied applied biophysics extensively in Europe with leading experts in the field. Tom has integrated bio-energetic testing, wave interference, and sophisticated electronic technology to be able to pinpoint and resolve the “bugs” in our inner human software. These Human Software Engineering™ techniques can be used to debug and upgrade any aspect of human life.

Tom’s body of experience includes training in the physics and mathematics of music, more than 30 years of practice and teaching of meditation, a deep understanding of addiction recovery, and presentation of hundreds of lectures and seminars. This was the perfect background for becoming a researcher in the application of wave theory and biophysics for transforming the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human life.

On Her Book, This Time I Dance

Tama J. Kieves, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, ditched her corporate law firm to write and help others live their most meaningful self-expression. She is the bestselling author of This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All) (Tarcher/Penguin), chosen as a Finalist for the National Nautilus Book Award (along with the Dalai Lama!) Featured on Oprah Radio, she is a sought-after speaker and career and success coach, who has helped thousands world-wide to discover, launch, and live their true work in the world.

Says Tama, “If you’re this successful doing work you don’t love, what could you do with work you do love?”

She is also the Founder and President of Awakening Artistry, an organization dedicated to creating and supporting a global family of visionary minds, creative souls, free-spirited entrepreneurs and empowered leaders.

Tama has been inspiring audiences across the country with her electrifying presence, cutting edge humor, emotional realness and the big possibilities she brings into every room. She is also a national presenter for A Course in Miracles, an internationally acclaimed program of living in love instead of fear.

Dorothy has had a private practice in psychotherapy for over 25 years, teaching at the graduate school level, as a Clinical Instructor at the University of Connecticut Medical School, and a the founder her own educational institution, The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences. As a pioneer in the field, through IHAS she offered a four-year Energy Medicine Practitioner Program as well as two-year Energy Medicine Certificate Program. In addition to being affiliated with over 40 hospitals and medical facilities across the country where her 3rd & 4th year students did medical internships, the school was approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of the Department of Higher Education. For over 15 years the mission of the school was to both train those interested in developing their healing skills in energy medicine as well as to support each student in overcoming the obstacles that kept them from recognizing their truth and living their soul’s purpose. Training basic energy medicine technicians was never her goal, training leaders in the field of integrative spiritual healing was her objective and she was blessed to surpass her many times over.

Catholic Priest and Astronomer

I am an astronomer and came back to the Catholic church as a graduate student (I had grown up Catholic). I came back because I could not shake my sense of and longing for God, but the God I believe in is very different from the God of my childhood because of the vastness and the weirdness of the universe I discovered in my physics & astronomy studies. In 2001-2002 I spent a sabbatical year working with the Vatican Observatory astronomers (all Jesuit priests and top-notch astronomers) so I am not the only person who is able to reconcile God and science. But it has been a long journey reconciling my science and my faith and I just published a book about it: “The Sky is not a Ceiling: An Astronomer’s Faith.”
An award-winning astronomer and the Priest Professor of Physics at St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y.

Dr. John Douillard, DC has written and produced numerous health and fitness books, CDs, and DVDs. He has been teaching and lecturing internationally for 25 years and publishes a free wellness video-newsletter filled with the latest studies and research. He was the Director of Player Development for the New Jersey Nets in the NBA and currently directs the LifeSpa- Ayurvedic Retreat Center in Boulder, CO, where he lives with his wife and six children.

What is Enlightenment?

Andrew Cohen is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, cultural visionary, and founder of the global nonprofit EnlightenNext and its award-winning publication EnlightenNext magazine. Since 1986, Cohen has been traveling the world giving public lectures and leading intensive retreats. Through his writings, teachings, and ongoing dialogues with leading philosophers, scientists, and mystics, he has become known as one of the defining voices of the new evolutionary spirituality.

Born in New York City in 1955 and raised in a secular Jewish family, Cohen had his passion for spirit unexpectedly ignited at the age of sixteen, when a spontaneous revelation of “cosmic consciousness” opened his eyes to a new dimension of life. Some years later, as a result of that experience, he gave up aspirations to become a musician and dedicated himself wholeheartedly to its rediscovery. After several years of intensive spiritual pursuit in the United States, including the study of martial arts, Kriya Yoga, and Buddhist meditation, Cohen followed the footsteps of a generation of Western seekers to India. It was there, in the land of the sages, that he met his last teacher H.W.L. Poonja, a disciple of the revered Ramana Maharshi, in 1986. In just a few short weeks, Cohen experienced a life-changing awakening, the story of which was told in his first book, My Master Is My Self. Shortly afterwards, with his teacher’s blessing, Cohen began to teach.

On Reconnective Healing

Woodruff, though always a bit curious about alternative healing, wasn’t really in the market for another new career. But it found him.

In 2003, he attended two separate social events – one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast —where he was introduced to Reconnected Healers. By the time it happened the second time, he was curious enough to attend an introductory lecture. And, once there, he was more than intrigued and embarked on the full slate of Level l/ll/lll Reconnective Healing seminars. But it was when he went home and started working with friends that things really became interesting…his friends reported significant health improvements. Before long, people he didn’t know were booking appointments with him for Reconnective Healing sessions. Although he could not account for why it was happening, he knew something profound was taking place. Though it seemed to come easy to him, he still was unsure whether to really commit to a life as a Reconnective Healer.

“My bookkeeper experienced a healing from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Another client had a tumor reduced from 16 centimeters to six. And then there were three more astonishing cures in just a few days, so I finally gave in, saying: ‘If this is meant to be, then I will just go with it,’” says Woodruff.

He found within himself a deepening desire to help others and to assist in teaching them to discover and understand the work for themselves. He began to assist Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing, at seminars, traveling throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Building Inner Strength in Children

Linda Lantieri, MA has been in the field in education for over 40 years in a variety of capacities: classroom teacher, assistant principal, director of a middle school in East Harlem, and faculty member at Hunter College in New York City. Currently she serves as the Director of The Inner Resilience Program whose mission is to cultivate the inner lives of students, teachers and schools by integrating social and emotional learning with contemplative practice. In 1985, she co-founded the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP), a researched based k-8 social and emotional learning program that has been implemented in over 400 schools. Linda is also one of the founding board members of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). She is the coauthor of Waging Peace in Our Schools (Beacon Press, 1996) editor of Schools with Spirit: Nurturing the Inner Lives of Children and Teachers (Beacon Press, 2001), and author of Building Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children (Sounds True, 2008).

Susan Apollon is an intuitive psychologist, psychotherapist, and healer. For more than two decades, she has specialized in treating children and adults who are traumatized, ill (dealing with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses), grieving, and/or dying. As a master of several healing and energy modalities, a researcher of mind, consciousness, energy, and metaphysics, a student and teacher of intuition, and a survivor of her own challenge with breast cancer, she brings wisdom and compassion to those with whom she works.

An award-winning author, Susan wrote and recorded the book and 11-audio CD package Touched by the Extraordinary: An Intuitive Psychologist Shares Insights, Lessons, and True Stories of Spirit and Love to Transform and Heal the Soul. She is also a contributing author, along with Mark Victor Hansen and Les Brown, to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. Her articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country as well as celebrated Internet journals and websites. She has been a frequent guest on national radio and television shows.

Susan believes in the wisdom and capability of each human being to achieve self-mastery. She speaks passionately to organizations and groups about everyone’s ability to live full, satisfying lives, be happy, create their own miracles, and heal themselves. Her workshops and seminars provide a blend of her contagious enthusiasm with her tried and true methods and interventions for healing and creating a joyful and healthy life.

Susan’s love of medicine and healing has its roots in her lineage; she comes from a family of physicians. She has been married for more than forty years to her husband, Warren Apollon, an orthodontist, and is the proud mom of two adult children, Rebecca, an emergency room physician, and David, a management consultant.

How Generosity Works

Janet Kathleen Ettele is a musician and author who draws from her background as a student of the Buddhist dharma to bring its teachings into contemporary functional practice through her writing, and the practice of mindfulness through her music.Author of the How Life Works series (Diamond Cutter Press) she has published How Generosity Works and the soon to be released How the Root of Kindness Works. Four more books will follow in this series, each a contemporary fable based on the Six Perfections taught in Buddhism by Master Shantideva. A cd, Piano Mandalas Compassion, is a collection of her meditatively improvised music. Ms. Ettele graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and lives in Connecticut where she has raised two sons.

On Classic Insights

Classic Insights was created in 1981 to position Humanities as a guide to self-awareness. The program stresses high academic standards, while taking a practical, inspirational, and experiential approach to learning. Classic Insights is dedicated to those who seek knowledge beyond traditional Liberal Arts curricula, self-development through intellectual and spiritual inquiry, and a greater sense of being through exploring the worlds seen and unseen.