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Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind Reviewed by Sam Menahem, Ph.D.

“Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind” is the ultimate self help book! I have sometimes been accused of reading every self help book that was ever written. Well, I have read a lot of them and this fine piece of writing is superb.

First of all, Dr. Grayson explains the philosophy underlying his healing techniques in a very readable, understandable manner. Most people see the world as primarily physical, secondarily psychological, and then maybe there is some sort of God or Higher Power. Dr. Grayson reverses this order. He explains how we are primarily identified with our Higher Power or energy source. We are one with this source. It is rare indeed for anyone to have that belief. The popular view is that, somehow, through a collision of ovum and sperm, we come into the physical world. We develop body and become completely absorbed with it. Then we have experiences, begin to feel separate from other people and assume that this is reality. Life is random. Things happen for no reason. We are thus victims of these random experiences and develop negative beliefs. For example, many believe that they are unworthy of having a happy life. Out of this kind of negative belief we develop negative thoughts and emotions. Then we feel victimized by random events beyond our control and illnesses of all kinds. We begin to feel angry, and we have a right to be angry. This is the dismal picture of humanity that most people have.

Dr. Grayson brings us good news! We have everything backwards. Once we realize that, we can get on a path to healing. The key element is using our bodily feelings, pains and illnesses to guide us to what has to be healed. In fact, it is not really the body that needs to be healed, it is the mind that is the problem! Once the separated mind realizes the spiritual view of reality, the body will naturally heal itself. Dr. Grayson’s reasoning closely follows the “Course in Miracles” philosophy and cognitive psychology. He explains that the separated mind provides a toxic environment for the cells and organs of our body. Thus, the body becomes ill and deluded that we are separate, isolated abandoned pieces of flesh. This view is very stressful. Once we realize that we are actually emanations of the one true power source, we can change our belief in the separated self which leads to negative thoughts, and we are healed. Both mind and body are healed in the holy instant of spiritual realization. First we heal the separated mind, then the emotions and body follow.

Dr. Grayson gives many examples of healing physical illnesses that he and his patients have experienced. The lends credence to a seemingly far out theory of life. When theory leads to health, we feel heartened and to to know how to get healed. This is where the inspirational book gets even better. The author shows us the nuts and bolts of how to heal ourselves. First, he provides many checklists so we may recognize and evaluate which negative beliefs and traumas are troubling us. Then we use this information to actually change the troubling ideas and beliefs.

Dr. Grayson is well schooled in the modern EP techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy. He explains the idea of muscle testing to ascertain the problem areas. Muscle testing involves putting our arm out and having a therapist push down to see how strong our resistance is. When we are telling a lie or thinking about a trauma, we are weak. Once we determine our problem areas we can work on changing our negativity and replacing untrue or troubling beliefs with positive and happy beliefs. We learn to clear the traumas that underlie our unhappiness and change them. This book lays out all the techniques to clear trauma and negativity. It is hard to imagine how anyone with an open mind could not benefit from this book, physically as well as mentally and emotionally. It is a handbook for the modern therapist or anyone who wants to feel better. So run, don’t walk to your computer or iphone and order this book! You will be glad you did.

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