Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind

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“Why do I keep doing this when I know it’s not what I want or need to be doing?”

Psychologist Henry Grayson has discovered that everybody wants a healthy and happy life, yet most people are unsuccessful in adhering to their doctor’s instructions, or in maintaining healthy habits they know would help them to achieve their goals of happiness and health.

Through years of research and helping his private clients, Dr. Grayson has developed a step-by-step formula to identify what keeps them stuck repeating unproductive activities.

We unconsciously imbed a false belief system within our psyche about our selves and others while experiencing unavoidable life situations, negative encounters, traumas, and absorbing informational messages around us from others. The mind processes and stores these experiences in the limbic system, our survival brain. In those moments of experience, we automatically instill a false survival mechanism or thought about what is truly happening and the limbic system stores it like software in our brain. This unconscious survival procedure we now adopt as a solution to deal with extraordinary physical or mental stress is now reactivated each time a circumstance brings an emotional charge or stress. More often than not, we bring a machine gun to a little threat.

This unconscious mindset has a direct negative impact on our ability to prevent and overcome ongoing illnesses and unhappiness.

Dr. Grayson shows how to release the effects of negative beliefs, various types of remembered and unremembered traumas and our unconscious downloads which result in keeping us unhappy and sick.

By combining diverse psychotherapies with quantum physics, neuropsychology, world wide spiritual wisdom, and scientific research, you will become aware of and learn ways to:
-Stop the repetitive, destructive and unproductive thought and behavior patterns -Clear unconscious, yet common obstacles to healing, health and happiness -Understand why simply removing SYMPTOMS with drugs, and external solutions rarely eliminate the causes of illnesses so that recurrences are more likely
-How to embrace your infinite power for self healing so that you don’t have to rely on physicians or drugs each and every time you have a symptom
-Incorporate subtle energetic tools to re-program your mind so that you can stop emotional suffering and physical stress in its tracks and begin to heal immediately.

You will learn how to identify the origins of automatic, and most often, unconscious behaviors through informational questionnaires, easy to do exercises, and clear explanations on how to become more aware of conscious thought patterns that contribute to this vicious cycle of trying but not succeeding in long term positive actions.

If we don’t identify and clear out barriers, many of which are not conscious, then thinking positive thoughts, holding positive images, getting exercise and taking the right medications and supplements may do us little good. Cumulative traumatic or painful experiences are stored in our limbic system— our survival brain— and studies have shown a stunning connection between these and current illnesses.

This knowledge has been the source of groundbreaking scientific fields including biopsychosocial medicine, psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics, all of which have changed the traditional reductionist view of allopathic medicine. In Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind, Dr. Grayson draws on his understanding of this work and combines it with new insights in Western Psychology, the mind-expanding inner wisdom of Eastern philosophy and the science of quantum physics to explore the core of what keeps us from embracing a healthy and productive life. He explains how our bodies are made up of energy that respond to conscious thought, how those thoughts make us sick, and how to clear out past traumas (with proven meridian methods we can do ourselves) and self-destructive inner dialogs to open the door to self healing.

Unlike television talk show psychology, which relies on superficial stories, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind dives into the guilt-ridden waters of our deepest traumas that are often hidden from our conscious minds. He works to clear away these blocks through techniques that have proven as effective on combat veterans battling post traumatic stress disorder as on civilians plagued by depression, chronic illness and disorders previously thought to be untreatable. The result is more than a return to good health— it is the understanding that we deserve health and happiness and have the methods to make it possible.

What Others Are Saying About the Book

“Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind is a wonderfully practical, “how-to” discussion of many ways you can invite self healing into your life. Therapists as well as newcomers to this field will find much of benefit in this gem.”

Daniel J. Benor, MD, author of Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Relief

“In this book, Dr. Grayson presents a radical view of health and healing based on an equally radical world view that we are all intrinsically connected rather than separate and that our belief in our separateness is a causal source of emotional and physical illness. Positing the body as the recipient of our beliefs, he shows that reading and responding to the body is a reliable path to emotional and physical healing. This is a challenging read with practical help for all willing to explore beyond the borders of traditional beliefs.”

Harville Hendrix, Ph. D., author of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

“Dr. Grayson is a master in helping anyone overcome their
hidden barriers to health and Vitality. If you aspire to the
upper echelons of health, yet are unable to realize them, this practical book is for you.”

Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Healing Words, The Power of Premonition and Reinventing Medicine

“Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind offers eminently practical concepts and techniques for shifting out of disease and into health and ease. Based on Dr. Grayson’s extensive surveys and clinical research, this book is at home with ancient wisdom, quantum physics, and energy psychology. The book clearly demonstrates that we have more power in determining our health and happiness than is generally assumed; and the only hindrance is found in limiting beliefs.”

Fred Gallo, Ph.D., author of Energy Psychology and Energy Tapping for Trauma

“Henry Grayson’s powerful message in Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind is to pay attention to what your bodily sensations are telling you and attend to them lovingly with revolutionary methods. Then you will be able to expand your worldview to include the magical possibility that miracles of healing are the natural order of the universe.”

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, is President of Healing Imager, Inc. and author of Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist

Recent Customer Review on April 4, 2012

This review is from: Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind: Revolutionary Methods to Release all Barriers to Health, Healing and Happiness (Paperback)
Dr. Grayson is an articulate presenter of the holistic paradigm of healing, where consciousness governs our reality and our thoughts and feelings are essential factors in our states of wellness and illness. This paradigm is one supported by both ancient wisdom and modern discoveries in physics, biology, and medicine. This worldview underlies many healing methods that seek to release energy blocks, limiting beliefs, and trapped emotions. Ancient cultures used shamanic methods and rituals to facilitate healing transformations. In our present society, methods that help us recognize and release limiting beliefs include muscle testing (an application of kinesiology) and applying stimuli to acupressure points (EFT/TFT). The new paradigm of consciousness in medicine (energy and information) isn’t really new. It is an understanding that has been lost or covered up over time as material technology and chemical manipulation have dominated medicine and other sciences.

Grayson’s book explores the nature of reality and the evidence for the mystical perspective where consciousness connects us all and gives us the power to heal ourselves. This book has many excellent quotes and includes practical exercises (mainly ones related to TFT and EFT) to help readers address their own unconscious beliefs. The book informs us that we often have unconscious beliefs and intentions that lead us to create and maintain illnesses. Merely repeating positive affirmations won’t work well if we don’t clear out those unconscious beliefs/programs. That is why these energy psychology techniques are so important, for they help shift the beliefs/thinking and emotions at the level of consciousness from where our reality is being created.

Grayson cites many sources and much evidence to show how our emotions affect our health and are keys to understanding how illness is created and how it can be healed. This book is best read carefully, so that you can really absorb and integrate the wisdom it shares. As one opens up to the empowering perspective it shares then he/she also opens to healing, and will be ready to more effectively apply the exercises presented in the book.

This book can truly help you release stress and traumas of all kinds, and empower you to heal yourself. It pulls together science and spirituality, enabling people from both spiritual and religious as well as empirical science backgrounds to connect with these understandings and healing approaches. For anyone who enjoys writers like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Marianne Williamson, the ideas in this book will seem familiar. Using that spiritual wisdom to empower your own healing process is the focus of Dr. Grayson’s book. I highly recommend it. As a practitioner of mind-body and energetic healing modalities and an author on metaphysical topics myself, I appreciate the truth of what is being shared by Dr. Grayson and others who are at the forefront of the re-awakening of healing wisdom in our culture.

Another Comment on the book:

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! It really needs to be in every school in the world – early on, so people learn it, EARLY ON. I truly believe life would be so different if this were the basis of all learning.

I do not say that lightly – and I do not say that often. I felt so validated reading it – he writes what I think and believe and he puts it out there so well. In an easy to understand format with the ability to really get to the core of the problem. I LOVED IT. Instead of me explaining things to patients, I’m just going to tell them to buy his book.