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What Are Your Symptoms Saying?

Many years ago, when I was working on my Ph.D. at BostonUniversity, I was out in my backyard making emergency repairs on the fence.  It was a blustery, snowing Saturday afternoon in Massachusetts, and I wanted to make ensure that my growing German Shepard, a grandson of Rin Tin Tin, wouldn’t get out and […]

Choose Love, Not Fear

When things get stressful in relationships, it is not uncommon for there to be and outburst of anger. One or the other person gets angry and exhibits behavior that can border on violent or manifest in other ways, such as: coldness, raising our voice, ignoring, and arguing.

It is so easy to get entangled and […]

The Vicious Cycle of Our Interactions

Stress from your interactions and relationships with others may be caused by something much closer to home than you may have thought. The beliefs that cause your perceptions of reality and influence how you behave and respond in your world and especially to the people in it are at the root of much of […]

Identifying and Releasing Your Hidden Barriers to Happiness

A few years ago I opened a training seminar in Boston asking people: “How many of you want to have a fully healthy and happy life?”

Every hand went up.

I then said, “I would like to do muscle testing on everyone who would like to participate to see if your inner knowingness agrees. I would […]

Taking Charge of Your Thoughts and The Vicious Cycle They Create

We have been taught the three R’s, the sciences, and even computer technology, but most of us have never been taught how to be in charge of what we think, when we think it, and the length of time we spend thinking our various thoughts.
Nor have we been taught to see that each one […]

Excerpt From Mindful Loving: The Illusions of Counterfeit Love

The Illusions of Counterfeit “Love”
Like the Golden Buddha, we are all made up of layers of clay. The body and the ego cover our loving core, and we are usually only given rare glimpses of the infinite potential inside of ourselves or others. Stuck in this limited perspective of the counterfeit self, we think […]

Healing A Sick Healthcare System

Our healthcare system is in deeper trouble than the government’s program will fix. We already spend more per capita than any other country in the world and consume over eighty percent of the world’s drugs, yet our health care system ranks twenty-eighth in many basic areas.

As much as we say we want health and […]

Mindful Loving vs. Negative Thoughts

What we think in our minds influences our relationships for good or ill perhaps even more than what we say or do, because it is our thoughts which most often give rise to what we say or do.
I have often discovered that when I think critical thoughts about others, they usually begin to think […]

How to Become a Miracle Worker in Your Relationships

Relationships of all kinds provide us with the opportunity to enter the “advanced spiritual growth” university, if used that way.  And with each lesson learned from the challenges presented, we rise to more and more moments of heavenly joy and peace.  We need these challenges on earth to be our best.

If is only because […]

How to Turn Your Projection Around

Often the fault we find in others is something we are struggling with internally.

Sometimes, we may identify a behavior on our part that invited a negative response. Other times, we get negative responses even though we have done nothing.
Many times, however, it is important to see what thoughts we have been thinking or what […]