Dr. Grayson’s new book from Sounds True will be available for sale April 1, 2017. You can find it on Amazon, Sounds True and any other major book seller. 

A resource guide that helps people break free from the rut of thinking about themselves as victims of their genes, or as powerless over their illnesses. 

Henry Grayson, Your Power to Heal, Dr. Henry Grayson,

Resolving Psychological Barriers to Your Physical Health

Your Essential How-To Guide for Self-Healing

The greatest medical breakthrough in recent years isn’t the creation of a new drug or treatment—it’s the discovery of how much your mind affects your health. With Your Power to Heal, Dr. Henry Grayson offers a treasury of techniques and insights to help you harness the mindbody connection. “When we can identify and change the inner voices that keep us feeling powerless,” writes Dr. Grayson, “we can go beyond treating just symptoms or relying on doctors to fix us. We have far greater potential to heal than we realize.”

In this practical guidebook, Dr. Grayson presents life-changing insights and effective tools anyone can use, including:

  • The new physics of healing—the ever-expanding body of research that reveals our untapped capacity for self-healing
  • Simple tips to nip many symptoms in the bud as they start
  • Self-assessment questionnaires to help you locate and change subconscious beliefs and disturbances
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique for resolving trauma and restoring your vitality
  • Thought Field Therapy to clear the blockages in your body’s energy system that are impeding health
  • Why therapy, diets, and exercise regimens often fail—and how to make them succeed

You don’t need years of meditation practice to use your mind to improve your health. Your Power to Heal is an invaluable resource to help you harness the power of your own thoughts, transform illness at its source instead of just alleviating symptoms, and start taking charge of your health today.

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Your Power to Heal: Resolving Psychological Barriers to Your Physical Health

Sounds True, Boulder CO 2017

You’ll be healthier if you can make your body listen to your mind. Or so we’ve been told. Your Power to Heal turns that thinking on its head; it’s actually your mind that should be listening to your body! Symptoms and sickness start with a message the body receives. Medical drugs and treatments don’t address the message; instead they work by covering over the cause. But to prevent illness and reduce stress you don’t want to “re-cover” the symptom, you want to dis-cover, or uncover, why the symptom is there in the first place! Uncovering the source, clearing it, and replacing it with something positive is what’s needed for healing. Whether the physical symptom is a headache, sniffles or a serious diagnosis, a dialogue with your body is the starting point for healing. To begin the conversation, self-assessment questionnaires help you locate subconscious beliefs and answer the overarching question “Why might I need this symptom now?” If you find your answer seems childish, it could signal an unfulfilled childhood need, while excitement or relief at an answer means you’re probably quite ready to replace being sick with an alternative. Not wanting to answer or blaming yourself most likely means your ego mind is blocking your healing. It’s also possible you’re not healing because staying sick has benefits. Remember, the thoughts you’re uncovering are subconscious, so you should never blame yourself for creating a symptom or being sick. By making them conscious you can bring them forth for healing.

Sometimes symptoms are unknowingly downloaded from parents or other early caretakers. Up to age two, the brain utilizes slower delta brain waves, which are like those of a person in a trance; as children we just take on whatever is there around us. We learn to walk and talk, but also may take on feelings of not being good enough or not being worthy. If you accept “everyone in my family gets this disease,” you know you’re dealing with tribal beliefs or parental downloads. Tribal mind keeps us thinking the source and solution of what ails us is not of our creation; it says, if only circumstances around me were different I’d be healthier, I’d be happier. We experience these core beliefs at a cellular level. To keep them from being triggered and causing illness we need to delete these downloads, actually remove them with consciousness and energy and replace them with new information.

Recognizing that everything is composed of subtle energies opens up a whole new level of healing not practiced by modern medicine. We can work on the field of energy that surrounds the body, the energy meridians of the body, and the non-local mind. The non-local mind, beyond the skull or the brain, messages to the cells in our bodies each time we have a thought. Thought Field Therapy, which includes tapping, works on clearing blockages from the body’s energy system. The Emotional Freedom Technique, for clearing traumas, negative beliefs or downloads, also includes tapping. The Thymus rub, EFT step two, invites you to place your right open hand flat just below your collarbones (over your thymus gland) and rub your chest in a soothing clockwise circle, including over your heart, repeating aloud four statements (including “I deeply love and except myself even if I think I might not deserve to be free of this problem.”) This simple comforting exercise dispels barriers to clearing the root of your discomfort or symptom.

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